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I Love My Sea-Doo !

On these pages you'll find a bit about me and my expirences riding PWC along with photo's of friends and family enjoying our Ski's...

From the moment I first rode a friends Yamaha Waverunner I knew it was time to sell the boat, sell the motorcycle and get myself a Personal Watercraft. My First ski was a 1993 Kawasaki 750SS. It was a sweet machine and I got it for a very good Price. Unfortunatly while jumping wakes one day I got a little to much air underneath me and cracked the hull on landing. I was OK, although as my cousin Paul fumbled to get his rope untangled so we could save my ski from sinking I realized maybe I should look for another PWC.... Thus my relationship with Sea-Doo began. I soon decided to go with a three seater for comfort and cruising ability and found the 1996 GTi to be just the ticket for Me. I also purchased a used 1992 GTS for the wife. The only thing I like better than the 96 GTi is the New 97 GTi I got when I sold the 92 GTS. Anyway, I do most of my riding on the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers along with the Chesapeake Bay. If you ride in these area's drop me an E-mail... Cause it's always more fun to ride with friends !