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Well now... If you've found your way here, I suspect you might like to know a bit about me. I'm really just your average JOE, but one who's very fortunate. You see...I've got a beautiful wife and a wonderful daughter. I've also got a great family and circle of friends. As this page grows I'll add picture's and notes about them and the things we enjoy.

My wife Lori and I work at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Patuxent River, Md. Lori is a flight test engineer and I'm an electronics technician. We've both been there for quite a number of years and enjoy our work and the Area. One of the reason's we enjoy the area is the proximity to water. We've got the Patxuent River to the east and the Potomac River to the west and the Chesapeake Bay to the south.... all within 20 minutes of our driveway ! We take advantage of the water on our SeaDoo Jetski's. My Ski is a "97" GTi and Lori rides a "96" GTi. My cousin Paul also has a Sea-Doo and rides with us just about every weekend during the summer. Paul's ski is a "95" GTX and is very fast since he added a aftermarket exhaust system which added about 15 HP and 5 MPH to his top end. Although Paul enjoyed the title of "fastest ski" for most of the summer I had the pleasure of taking it from him when I purchased the new "97" GTi. I also had the opportunity to relieve Paul of his Slalom course title by modifing the Ride sponson's on the "96" GTi and adding a WestCoast aftermarket flame arrestor to boost the midrange powerband. I now hold the title for both top speed and slalom course ! Paul complain's I had to use two ski's to do it, but I can live with that and the bottom line is he's gonna be forced to buy the new "2001" Sea-Doo GTX since his competitive spirit won't let him sit in second place for long ! We've recently started taking Erin out with us. This is the first summer we introduced Erin to the Jetski's and she took to it like she did her swing set... except instead of hollaring higher higher, it was faster faster. She loves the wind in her hair and looks really cool with her sunglasses on !


Links to Friends and more Picture's

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